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Jan 2022

Construction starts on our new production facility.

Nov 2021

Sale of the swimming pool and spa business (Splash and Zen brands) to Fluidra for a complete focus on green chemistry.

mission-vision realco

Oct 2021

Reformulation of our vision to focus fully on the socio-ecological transition.

secteur viande

Sept 2020

Publicatie van de studie ‘Biofilm Expert’ waarin wordt bevestigd dat de houdbaarheid van voedingsmiddelen kan worden verlengd door een regelmatige enzymatische reiniging.

signature du green deal

Feb 2020

Signing of the Sustainable Canteens Green Deal for the transition of canteens to greater sustainability.

Jan 2020

Fire at our production site

Sept 2019

Launch of the first Ecocert products, a new step in the sustainable strategy.

Mar 2018

Innovation award at the European Business Awards for the Biorem® range

eezym élu produit de l'année

Jan 2018

Product of the Year Award 2018 for the eezym® range.

Jan 2018

Family succession: George Blackman takes over the management of Realzyme/Realco.

nouveau bâtiment realco

May 2017

Opening of a new passive office.

Feb 2017

Launch of the eezym brand: enzymatic products for the home made from naturally derived ingredients.


Mar 2015

First ISO9001 certification, attesting to the quality of our products and processes.

one life

Jan 2015

Creation of OneLife, a spin-off dedicated to the medical sector.


Mar 2009

Launch of the Biorem® product range, a patented multi-enzymatic anti-biofilm technology.

Jan 2009

Dominique Blackman opens the Realzyme subsidiary in Ohio, USA.



Major discovery on biofilm and the degradation of the protective matrix by specific enzymes.

bourse euronext


Stock market listing on the Euronext market.

construction agrandissement realco


Construction of a first extension of 1200m2 to expand the production site.

parc scientifique einstein à louvain-la-neuve


Establishment of Realzyme/Realco in the Einstein Science Park in Louvain-la-Neuve and creation of a Research & Development centre.

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