Let’s co-create

high-performance solutions

for the ecological transition


We develop, produce and market hygiene products
from green chemistry. From the factory to the kitchen, you
benefit from our cutting-edge technical and scientific expertise to
ensure high performance, safety and sustainability.

Personnes assemblant les pièces d'un puzzle

our Values


We live the projects, we realize them and we celebrate them together

We work in an environment of trust and mutual support so that everyone can give their best.


We act in conscience and assume our decisions

We take our individual and collective responsibilities, taking into account ecological, societal and industrial issues. 


We believe that being fully yourself brings well-being and performance at work

To be fully oneself is to drop the mask, to connect to one’s values, emotions, deepest aspirations and to those around us. It means knowing how to express yourself with sincerity and respect.


We like to dream and co-create original solutions

We are a group of passionate pioneers: our driving force is to imagine and dream of a healthier, simpler society in harmony with our environment. 

SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) – RSE (Association for Social Responsibility)

Our Commitments
for Sustainable Hygiene

Zero Hunger

Reducing food waste

Enzyme-based cleaning prolongs the shelf life of finished products and helps REDUCE FOOD WASTE.


Good Health and Well-Being

Safety and well-being

Being pH-neutral, enzyme-based products protect the HEALTH OF USERS


Clean Water and Sanitation

Positive impact on water

Water treatment is part of Realzyme/Realco’s history and we strive for a positive impact on water, both in our own operations and with our customers

Thanks to their natural splitting action, enzymes help with the PRE-PURIFICATION OF WASTEWATER


Decent Work and Economic Growth

Sustainable economic growth

Our vision and track record of healthy organic growth helps create sustainable local employment.


Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure


The enzyme is a force of nature that opens the door to many INNOVATIONS IN HYGIENE.


Climate Action

Net Zero Emission

Belgian Alliance for Climate Action

We are committed to drastically reducing our carbon emissions in order to achieve zero emissions by 2050.


Life Below Water


We maintain a higher standard than current environmental regulations. We follow a strict framework on the composition and biodegradability of our formulations.

Enzymes reduce the ECOTOXICITY of our cleaning formulas and preserve aquatic life.


Life on Land

Preserving our resources

Our formulas are designed and developed to meet label requirements and thus preserve biodiversity.


Partnerships for the Goals


We have set up many internal and external collaborations in order to carry out our various innovation projects.


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