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Are you a manager in the catering sector? We support you in the challenges you face every day.

Improve the well-being of your operators with quick, simple and safe solutions

Ensure the sanitary safety of your kitchens

Control your budget

Reconcile community, efficiency and sustainability

Comply with HACCP standards and master hygiene controls


A complete range of professional cleaners for collective/community kitchens

A complete range of professional cleaners for collective/community kitchens
Choose from our environmentally friendly cleaning solutions for the professional cleaning of school canteens, nursing homes, hospitals and other hospitality environments. Prepare your meals in optimal hygienic conditions thanks to natural, safe and effective cleaning.

For the treatment of bacterial contamination, the Biorem® range ensures the detection, treatment and prevention of biofilm development.

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Our teams will work with you to draw up a cleaning protocol suitable for your premises

Reconcile community, efficiency and sustainability

The public sector is particularly keen on sustainable catering, and this doesn’t happen by chance. Collective restaurants reach out to all audiences and offer an ideal framework for discussing and questioning our consumption. Whether you are from the public or private sector, you contribute to a double leverage effect in terms of awareness and exemplary commitment to sustainable development..

Would you like to take part in this large-scale international movement and do your part to further develop the system?

Involving your community in a sustainable development project is a major challenge. Aware of this imperative, we are here to support you in your transition to more sustainable hygiene


to offer quality meals


to ensure their food safety

Controlling health risks in your kitchen

Your establishment welcomes a large number of people every day. These venues fuel social interaction, but they can also be a breeding ground for pathogenic agents.

Besides keeping your premises clean and welcoming, one of your key priorities is ensuring that everyone stays healthy. You must be extra vigilant when it comes to such vulnerable people as patients, children, the elderly, etc. So, collective catering requires rigorous, specific hygiene measures adapted to each sector

Your budget under control

Is your hygiene budget subject to strict restrictions?

We make budget-led recommendations, taking into account all costs in addition to the cost of the product. The right formulae, well-trained staff and regular monitoring of the dosing systems make all the difference to your costs. Realzyme/Realco provides you with a budget guarantee and is contractually committed to meeting the established targets. 

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