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Find out more about the power of enzymatic cleaning

Easily meet stringent hygiene requirements with powerful cleaning products and a simplified cleaning protocol

Save time and simplify cleaning with all-in-one solutions

Control your hygiene budget

Comply with HACCP standards and manage hygiene controls

Without ever compromising on efficiency

Maintain operator safety as an essential element


A complete range of
professional cleaning products

FChoose from a selection of professional cleaning products and equipment tailored to your facility.

Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces
Hand hygiene
Equipment maintenance
Wastewater treatment


Do you need help, advice or answers on how to control hygiene in your establishment?
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This is the first time in 14 years that there’s no smell in the morning and machines and equipment are really clean.

Mark de Rouck – owner & president Keurslager Brussels

Our comprehensive programmes are designed to help you keep your workshop and shop window clean and safe.

Choosing Realzyme/Realco is the guarantee of impeccable hygiene on all your surfaces, even on the most critical points.

Like all catering businesses, you are obliged to clean and disinfect according to a rigorous protocol. In addition, you must be particularly vigilant when it comes to maintaining, cleaning and disinfecting your professional equipment: choppers, slicers, kneaders, filling machines, beaters, etc. These areas are extremely prone to bacterial contamination.

With our innovative enzymatic solutions, you benefit from deep cleaning, without the slightest effort, for incomparable microbiological results.  

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