plats préparés

Quality first!

For consumers who are increasingly fond of this type of preparation, food safety is just as important as the taste and nutritional qualities of the meal.


Control the risk
of contamination

Preserve the quality of your finished products

Keep your budget
under control

Extend the shelf life
of your finished products


A complete range of professional detergents

Regulations and standards require that your food processing company develops a system to ensure the safety of its products and prevent pathogens from contaminating the food.

Our range of detergents and disinfectants for food preparation focuses on both daily cleaning, maintenance and spot treatment of open surfaces (equipment and floors). Our products allow you to remove heavily encrusted proteins and fats (Enzyfoam®) in food production areas.

For the treatment of bacterial contamination, the Biorem® range ensures the detection, treatment and prevention of biofilm development.

produits biorem

Beware of cross-contamination

During preparation, bacteria can find their way onto your hands, work surfaces, equipment or utensils and end up on the finished product.

Contamination can also occur after the cooking process. For example, as a result of contact with unpasteurised food, non-disinfected equipment or materials, or poor staff hygiene.

It is therefore imperative to comply with certain hygiene rules in order to avoid any cross-contamination!

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