Hygiene control, a concern at every stage of the process

Whether you produce oat milk, soya, rice or by-products, vegetable meat, margarine, oil, breakfast cereals, syrups or juices, or any other alternative to animal products, quality and food safety is a priority. 

With manufacturing processes involving pasteurisation and sterilisation, the plant-based industry has to offer products that are microbiologically controlled.

Working with such sensitive products requires the elimination of sources of microbiological contamination in the facilities.


Optimise the level of food safety by avoiding the risk of contamination

Ensure the organoleptic quality of food and extend the product shelf life

Increase the efficiency of your facilities and preserve your equipment

Manage ancillary costs by avoiding recalls and reducing waste


A complete range of professional detergents

Choose your solution from our range of enzymatic detergents designed for cleaning closed circuits and open surfaces in food production areas. 

They effectively remove organic soils such as proteins, sugars and heavily encrusted fats and will allow you to control the hygiene of your production environment. 

The plant-based process requires optimal management of complex soils such as fibers, starch, sugars, etc. Our adapted enzymatic cocktails allow you to manage these problems efficiently. 

Batch problem, product recall or contamination?

Biofilm is often the main cause of contamination of plant-based products. The most common bacteria present are Bacillus sp, Microbacterium, Enterobacteriacae, Listeria, Clostridium and E-coli.

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