Try our enzyme-based technology … NO MORE biofilms means NO MORE unpredictable bacteria contaminations.

A recent article published by Food Safety News shows a troubling trend in the number of recalls of food products. The numbers are at “their highest levels in two years” and are “2.5 times the number of food recalls in the third quarter of 2012 than the second quarter”. This is still occurring despite claims from many companies who certify to have solutions to contamination issues in food and beverage production facilities. The most common issue is bacteria contaminations, specifically involving listeria and salmonella, “reaching the highest level in the last ten quarters”.


Realzyme has the solution. Our two patented technologies, which consist of both detecting biofilms and then treating them completely, are entirely safe for the operators and bystanders. They are also safe for your equipment and of course, fully environmental friendly. NO MORE biofilms means NO MORE unpredictable bacteria contaminations in a production facility and therefore you take control of your facility!

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