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The importance of food safety

What is food safety ?

Food safety is a situation that guarantees a population’s access to food at all times, both in terms of quality and quantity. It must be sufficient to ensure a healthy and active life, taking into account eating habits.

Food safety is based on 4 main pillars:

  • Availability: demography, cultivable areas, domestic production, productivity, import capacity, storage capacity, food aid, …
  • Access: purchasing power, price fluctuations, available infrastructure, …
  • Stability: infrastructure, climate, political, …
  • Health and quality: processing, transport, hygiene, access to water, …

As a hygiene expert, Realzyme/Realco can help you with a unique and patented methodology to audit your facilities, treat and prevent your contamination problems. Find out here what biofilm is and where it can be found.

How to control the hygiene of your facilities?

Food safety is an essential requirement at every stage of the production chain. It is essential to implement strategies to confirm whether contaminations are related to biofilms as their presence in industries can have serious consequences on the quality and safety of the final product. A production stoppage is dramatic for any industry and non-conformities can lead to astronomical costs.

It has been proven that conventional cleaning and disinfection methods are not able to eliminate biofilm. Numerous scientific studies have shown that enzymes are the best solution to degrade them*.

To deal with these losses of control, there are various effective tools:

  • A specific monitoring plan
  • Detection methods and analysis tools
  • An enzymatic cleaning to remove biofilms

Only total control can guarantee conform and sustainable hygiene.

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