April 13-14, 2015

OneLIFE gave a presentation entitled “Biofilms and healthcare; endoscope decontamination challenges” (Dr Thomas Vanzieleghem).


To receive a copy of the presentation, please contact us at info@onelife-bf.com.

Part 1 of the presentation addressed the issue of biofilms in hospitals, based on the latest published research (biofilm definition and composition, reasons why biofilms can constitute a barrier to cleaning and disinfection, reasons why biofilms can be vectors of bacterial resistance and cause patient infections, history of biofilm-related infections transmitted by flexible endoscopes).

Part 2 of the presentation focused on OneLIFE’s hospital field studies on flexible endoscopes in the domain of biofilm detection and treatment.

OneLIFE is the medical/healthcare division of Realzyme’s parent company, Realco.

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