Sustainable Cleaning

Do you need help to meet the requirements of a label or do you want to turn to ecological and responsible cleaning solutions? Our experts are here to guide you. We offer personalised follow-up according to your needs and targets.

Your benefits

Improve the well-being & safety of operators

Meet the requirements of an ecological label

Reduce my operators’ water & energy consumption

Implement a rational disinfection policy

Optimise my consumption of cleaning products

Heading towards sustainable and efficient hygiene.

Follow our support program to achieve your sustainability goals. A concentrate of easy-to-use technology to reduce the impact of cleaning and preserve our resources.


Green Clean Program

Integrating sustainable hygiene is a comprehensive process. It is not enough to choose labelled cleaning products or to take one or two steps. You have to rethink hygiene, step by step. A comprehensive approach allows you to be more sustainable, but also more realistic for you and your teams. We have drawn up a 5-step plan for you to do this.


Initial contact to set your sustainability targets


Based on your targets and requirements, we offer a range of quality products adapted to your sector


Consolidate your basic knowledge by integrating new hygiene concepts to achieve your sustainability goals


of your facilities and cleaning protocols


Our experts support you throughout the year to optimise or adjust the protocols in place

Step 1

Your sustainability objectives first and foremost

Together we map out the eco-responsible initiatives already in place in your establishment. We identify the constraints and problems encountered in the field and set concrete targets based on your budget.

Choose from a panel of Ecocert certified products that are highly biodegradable and safe to use.

Step 2

Select your products

Our green chemistry formulae give you the right performance while minimising your impact on Humans and Nature.

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Step 3

Train your teams

Know and understand good sustainable hygiene practices. How to implement a disinfection rationale while complying with the HACCP procedures. Clean and disinfect at the right time, in the right place, in the right way, according to your sector of activity.

Consolidate your basic knowledge by integrating new hygiene concepts to achieve your sustainability goals.

Step 4


your cleaning facilities and protocols

Benefit from the advice and support of our expert teams for the eco-responsible use of your cleaning solutions.

  • Provision of dosing systems for responsible product consumption
  • Rationalisation of the number of references
  • Optimisation of the use of resources
    • Reducing temperature
    • Management of water consumption

Step 5

Benefit from continuous monitoring

Because the ecological transition is part of a continuous improvement process, our experts will support you throughout the year to optimise or adjust, if necessary, your range of products, your equipment or your protocol.

  • Monitoring the progress of your targets
  • Controlling your consumption and assessing whether you are within your budget
  • Maintenance of your equipment to extend the life span of your equipment

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