Membrane filtration

Do you regularly face equipment fouling problems? Is your productivity rate far from optimal? Are you experiencing bacterial contamination (biofilm)? Discover our optimisation programme and our solutions adapted to the type of membrane and fouling identified.

filtration membranaire
filtration membranaire


your targets

Reduce cleaning time

Boost your production

Extend the life span of your membranes

Reduce your water consumption

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Protect your membrane filtration equipment and improve its performance with our POP method. Tailor-made support and complete management of optimal membrane operation



A complete, patented, three-step process

Our experts carry out a membrane audit to assess the type and rate of fouling in your filtration units. A precise operation carried out with non-aggressive technical solutions for your equipment.


Identification of the fouling

Organic or inorganic fouling or presence of biofilm contamination


Evaluation of the impact of the solution

Water solubility and recovery rates of water flows


Observation of different values

Measurement of ATP and turbidity of the solution on the retentate side. Pressure and flow rate on the permeate side.


the right performance

Performance first and foremost, yes, but the right performance! We select or develop for you a product calibrated to your needs.


Selection and recommendation

Based on the results of the audit, we select from our solutions the most suitable treatment for the type of fouling encountered. High-performance enzyme complexes and a unique protocol for cleaning the filtration membranes developed for your installation. We take into account your procedures, the type of membrane and the fluids filtered.

All-in-one enzymatic solutions that are efficient, easy to use and economical, suitable for equipment that is not particularly sensitive to fouling

All-in-one multi-enzymatic solutions, suitable for more complex installations, with a higher risk of fouling: feed flow more likely to cause fouling and a high Concentration Factor (CF)

Concentrated multi-enzymatic solutions for very complex installations that suffer from very frequent yield losses. Applicable in the event of a high level of fouling and a very high Concentration Factor


Follow-up, monitoring and co-creation

Because we see optimisation as a continuous improvement process, our teams are there to support you on a daily basis.

Thanks to our pilot tests carried out in your factories and our close relations with well-known equipment manufacturers, our innovation division benefits from key information to formulate unprecedented, environmentally friendly solutions.

You benefit exclusively from our latest innovations.
Enzymatic or chemical range enrichment to cover targeted applications and niche segments such as plant-based dairy substitutes, blood plasma, fruit juices, gelatin and beer.

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