Wastewater treatment

Do you have problems with bad odours, blocking or even overflowing? Is wastewater management a problem in your establishment? The treatment of your wastewater is a real problem that it is important to manage before it is too late.



Treat the entire water chain



Keep your pipes running smoothly and avoid odour problems


Grease traps

Increase the performance of your grease trap and reduce the number of annual empties.


Septic tanks

Accelerate the organic breakdown of your tanks


Wastewater treatment plants

Set up enzyme-bacterial treatment for optimal water treatment management

A package tailored


Choose the package that suits you! We adapt the package to your needs.

No more blocking…

Avoid emergency repairs to unblock your pipes.

Enzymes work for hours after you clean. When you get rid of your cleaning water, you are also helping to maintain your pipes.

…and bad smells

Enzymes loosen residues in your pipes and keep your kitchen free of overflows, blockages and rising odours.

A more efficient grease trap

Cut the number of inconvenient annual emptying operations by three or four. Realzyme/Realco combines the power of enzymes with grease-devouring bacteria to break down grease and frozen organic matter. A unique solution that prevents the formation of a layer of grease on the surface of the tank, eliminates odours and reduces the need for emptying.

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détergent conventionnel issu de la pétrochimie

Conventional petrochemical detergent

molécules de graisse emprisonnées

The detergent traps the grease molecules

bactéries épuratrices au repos

Water purifying bacteria are inhibited by the presence of petrochemical molecules

eau lourde en charge organique et chimique

The water still has a heavy organic and chemical load and requires more time to purify

détergent enzymatique

Realzyme/Realco biobased enzymatic detergent

dissolution des molécules de graisse

The enzymes dissolve the fat molecules which become soluble

bactéries épuratrices se nourrissent des molécules organiques

Water purifying bacteria feed on organic molecules that readily metabolise

eau rapidement épurée

Water is purified more quickly in the stations before being returned to the network


Enzyme-bacterial synergy

The purification process depends on the synergy of the purification micro-organisms with your detergents.

The presence of a conventional detergent in your wastewater inhibits the activity of the bacteria and slows down the water purification process. Bacteria cannot produce enzymes to break down organic matter and feed on it.

With enzymatic cleaning, the organic dirt is already in the form of residues and the bacteria can go straight to the table without any effort!

The activity of the bacteria is 12 x more efficient with enzymatic cleaning than with conventional cleaning.

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