Two experts combine their expertise

  • The technology developed by Technochim makes it possible to eliminate class I, II or III rouging with great efficiency.
  • Realzyme/Realco is the expert in detecting, eliminating and preventing biofilm contamination.

What is rouging?

Rouging can be recognised by its red-orange colour. It only appears in the internal surfaces of ultra-clean pharmaceutical networks such as water for injection (WFI) or clean steam (CSS) networks. It consists of iron oxides that settle into the passive layer, substituting for chromium oxides. As this happens, the stainless steel loses its corrosion resistance properties and iron oxide particles may be disseminated in the system.

rouging avant traitement

Before treatment

rouging après traitement

After treatment

Why this partnership?

Water production equipment and networks are not always suitable for cleaning and disinfection and may be subject to steam (rouging, blacking) or ozone (yellowing) attacks. It has been scientifically proven that these aggressions cause an alteration in the condition of the surfaces of these networks, phenomena that favour the anchoring of bacteria and the development of biofilms (Telegdi et al., 2017).

Experts in surface treatment (rouging, blacking, passivation, etc.) in the Life Sciences sector, Technochim is the ideal partner for the implementation of treatments:

  • Creation of a momentary loop
  • Water heating
  • Use of cleaning balls

A biofilm treatment can be combined with a derouging treatment to fully protect your installations.


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