Audit, Follow-up & Monitoring

In addition to offering turnkey programmes, Realzyme/Realco’s strength lies in its ability to provide a wide range of additional and complementary services to support your entire cleaning process.

Hygiene Audit

Planned and methodical verification of the application and effectiveness of your hygiene procedures and protocols carried out on your site

Who is a hygiene audit for?

We carry out hygiene audits in all sectors that handle food products (food processing industries, collective and commercial catering, retail, caterers, food services, etc.) and also in pharmaceutical production sites.

A hygiene audit for what?

We carry out complete audits that take into consideration all aspects of internal hygiene and also provide tailor-made audits that focus on one or more specific themes:

  • Cleaning control audit
  • Biofilm audit
  • Membrane fouling audit
  • Water treatment plant audit

Your hygiene audit report

At the end of our work, you are given a detailed report, highlighting the conformities and non-conformities detected during the hygiene audit. In addition, comments and photos are included, as well as an appropriate action plan describing the corrective measures to be implemented. An essential support to help and guide you in your continuous improvement process.

You wish to

Monitor your hygiene?

Our hygiene monitoring combines visual testing tools, microbiological analysis systems and personalised follow-up by our teams of experts. All this to measure and control your hygiene with the aim of achieving solid savings, microbiological results and an optimised environmental balance.


Monitoring is an essential basis for optimising and controlling the hygiene of your establishment (operational transparency).


Monitoring enables you to take a positive approach to the environment.


Monitoring allows you to identify negative trends. You can prevent any unpleasant surprises and reduce a multitude of expenses.

Raising awareness

Monitoring encourages teams to adhere to the optimisation of hygiene. This improves your operators’ productivity.

Cost management

Monitoring allows you to evaluate and control the expenses (direct and indirect) attributable to hygiene.

Tailor-made courses


We develop training courses adapted to your needs and challenges within an optimised budget framework.

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