Labels and certifications

The Ecocert standard

We rethink all our formulae according to ECOCERT criteria in order to adopt the most rigorous green chemistry practices. This is an essential step which demonstrates our desire to respond to current socio-ecological issues in order to build the hygiene of tomorrow.

With ECOCERT, we maintain a higher level of requirements than the regulations in force relating to the environment and health, throughout the product life cycle.

label Ecocert


For Realzyme/Realco, ECOCERT is the ecological label that is closest to our values, our commitments (performance, sustainability and safety) and our vision



Every ingredient used in our ECOCERT products is itself ECOCERT. This crucial guarantee attests to our respect for people and the environment throughout the production chain.

This also provides detailed traceability ranging from the raw material, through its manufacture, its packaging, to its marketing.

A minimum of 90% of the ingredients are of natural origin and the vast majority of synthetic molecules are prohibited. Our ECOCERT certified products are guaranteed without surfactants (detergent base) derived from petrochemicals, and are free from synthetic dyes and fragrances.

They do not contain ingredients harmful to health and the environment, such as MIT (isothiazolinone), optical brighteners, EDTA, borates, GMOs and formaldehydes.



On the labels or technical data sheets of our ECOCERT products you will find all the information concerning product composition and use.

  • Exact percentage of ingredients of natural origin
  • Clear identification and exhaustive list of ingredient categories
  • Usage precautions for reasoned and environmentally friendly consumption

Reducing the release of unnecessary waste

From a quality perspective, the Ecocert standard currently prohibits several materials: in particular PVC, polystyrene, and by extension styrenic and vinyl derivatives are prohibited.

From a quantity perspective, overpackaging is not permitted.

New criteria are being developed to promote the most environmentally friendly recycling channels, and reduce the volume of packaging in relation to the contents.

The biodegradability of an ECOCERT product is not only measured on the biodegradation of surfactants, but on all the materials.

Our tests are carried out on the finished product in aerobic and anaerobic environments according to OECD 302B standards, giving precise results for biodegradation in 28 days.

Our other certifications

Most of our products for the food industry are Kosher and Halal certified. This allows us to meet our customers’ requirements and open up new markets.


The kosher label certification guarantees product traceability through the effective presence of an inspector who monitors the entire production process.

The kosher label is an independent and impartial entity, its certification criteria are established by a competent rabbinical authority. This certificate ensures the conformity and quality of our products according to the biblical and talmudic rules of Jewish law.


Halal certification is the conformity of a product to a previously adopted set of specifications that comply with the principles and rules of consumption prescribed by Islam.

This certification attests that the manufacturing process of our solutions complies with the quality and characteristics defined by Islamic law.

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