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Enzymatic Eco-synergy

Ecological and super-powerful detergent formulation

Patented :  PAT-10029

The unique synergy of Realzyme/Realco’s enzyme complexes combined with renewable raw materials provides exceptional cleaning performance. The enzyme boosts the effectiveness of detergent formulations made from renewable raw materials.

Biofilm Removal protocol

Multi-enzyme protocol and formulation for biofilm removal

Patented : PAT-10026 -PAT-10027

Realzyme/Realco’s enzymatic solutions and protocols for the removal and prevention of biofilm contamination benefit from an exclusive formulation patent. This is a technology that dissolves the biofilm matrix, ensuring total pathogen release. Your surfaces are ready for optimal disinfection.

Revealing the invisible

Biofilm detection formulation and process

Patented : PAT-10028

A detection kit consisting of dye solutions and analytical tools to detect the presence of biofilm on surfaces. A quick visualisation that clearly and accurately shows the degree of risk of bacterial contamination.

Multi-enzymatic formulation, fine analysis and treatment process for membrane clogging

Patented : PAT-10030

The Performance Optimisation Programme (POP) is a complete solution integrating multi-enzymatic complexes specific to different types of clogging encountered in membrane filtration systems. The protocol and solutions applied allow for accurate diagnosis, increased productivity and extended membrane life.

Process for increasing the shelf life of perishable food products

Patented : PAT-10030

The Biofilm Expert Programme integrates a specific and regular cleaning protocol based on enzymatic solutions to improve the microbiological quality of finished products and extend their expiry date by up to 100%.

Processes & Formulations

We select the most efficient enzymes for the production of ultra-efficient detergents of natural origin that are highly biodegradable.

Selection process for the formulation of enzyme complexes

Enzymes are the catalyst for our innovation. A real casting process takes place in our laboratories to create an enzyme complex. They are chosen for their performance according to specific applications and conditions of use. The best samples are retained, tested and then carefully selected before being incorporated into the hygiene solutions.

Enzymes act in synergy

Process for the formulation of enzyme complexes

For each problem, we determine the most effective “enzymatic cocktail” in which different enzymes act in synergy to break down the organic matter present on the surface or medium to be treated.

Enzyme stabilisation process

Our secret for obtaining superior enzymatic activity in our solutions? Controlling their stability! A unique technique allows us to stabilise the enzymatic components of our formulae in an aqueous or solid base.

The products and solutions benefiting from the Activum formulation process preserve their optimal threshold of enzymatic activity for up to 24 months.

Enzymo-bacterial water treatment formulation

Our water treatment solutions are the result of a complex and powerful combination of bacterial strains and enzymes selected for their exceptional ability to biodegrade organic matter. The Bazylle technology contains unique strains of bacteria that are not resistant to antibiotics and are produced exclusively for Realzyme/Realco.

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