Technical support


The right dosing system

The precise dosing of your solutions ensures optimal efficiency of your products at a controlled cost. Benefit from practical and economical dosing thanks to compact, robust and versatile systems.

Our equipment portfolio has a wide range of manual and automated dosing systems. Take your pick!

Automatic installations with locked products for maximum security and controlled consumption. Zero risk of misuse or wastage

Manual dosing systems adapted to your operational and budget requirements. Manual dosing systems adapted to your operational and budget requirements.

Mobile, user-friendly application tools for heavy-duty all-terrain hygiene products. Refillable vaporizers for ready-to-use or dilutable solutions, hand sanitiser station, etc.

Pompe doseuse Realzyme/Realco


Technical maintenance

All equipment, whatever its purpose, leads to unnecessary consumption which can be avoided and detected thanks to regular technical maintenance. Our team of technicians check the drains, descale the nozzles and check (or adjust) the concentrations.

Perform maintenance on your dosing systems and other equipment 4 times a an.

Water Treatment

Price package

Choose the package that best suits your activities and wastewater discharges. We adapt the package to suit your needs

  • Frequency of visits by the technician
  • Product replenishment
  • Placement of equipment
  • Breakdown assistance

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