The birth of our common vision

At the beginning there was just a simple exercise initiated by our CEO: to list the “little stones in the shoe” of each colleague. The ones that prevent us from moving forward serenely because they hurt our feet.

5 cross-functional working groups, a factory fire, a health crisis and 3 years later, we are proud to present our new company vision, our mission and the values that guide us. An exciting collective epic that leads us a little more each day on the path from “I” to “We”, looking towards a future that will undoubtedly be challenging.


Piles of little post-it notes line the wall of a meeting room, revealing our little and not so little stones in our shoes. Round ones, flat ones, pointed ones, sharp ones. After having questioned them, measured them, reformulated them, classified them and grouped them together, we decided to create five working groups made up of colleagues from different backgrounds to take all these pebbles in hand and, if possible, transform them into a smooth path to walk barefoot.

The “Strategy” group set out with an ambitious mission in mind: to respond to the common need for a clear and up-to-date Vision, Mission and Values. Thus, without knowing it, we were entering the world of shared governance.

Clearly, the way to deliver the Vision – Mission – Values (VMV) triplets would be collaborative. How could they be defined without listening to the team? Determined, the members of the working group decided to surround themselves with experts: the Go-Opale organisation to the rescue! The energy was high, the first interviews and listening exercises with the teams were launched. So 2020 was going to have a flying start.

Then came the storm. Or rather, the storms. You know the story? A factory in ashes. A question of survival of activity and employment. Two years of Covid. And yet… it was these trials that gave us the real answers to our threefold VMV question.


The ‘Strategy’ working group is reorganising and getting back to work, still supported by Go-Opale, which provides us with the tools and methodologies of collective intelligence. The emotions we went through together and the enormous solidarity shown by the teams revealed the DNA of the company in a profound way and highlighted our heritage and our roots. Alone, we are but a few things. So is the awareness of the fragility of systems. Our vision had to reflect this new ‘We’. In September, the entire staff, who have since become teammates, joyfully celebrated the birth of our common vision:

Let’s co-create efficient solutions for the ecological transition

This vision reflects our strong desire to build strong relationships with our customers and partners through a process of co-creation. By pooling our expertise and resources, we can create even better solutions while respecting ecosystems. We believe that companies like ours have a responsibility to act on some of the challenges the world needs. And hygiene based on green chemistry is one of them. Our mission, which guides us every day, has been rephrased:

We develop, produce and market hygiene products based on green chemistry. From the factory to the kitchen, you benefit from our cutting-edge technical and scientific expertise to ensure high performance, safety and sustainability.


We co-create the values that define who we are. What behaviours make us Realzyme/Realco? What are we proud of? The entire team gathered on a sunny terrace to set the course for our new values. The working group, which has been soberly renamed “WG VMV”, takes over to come up with a clear, fair and motivating set of values.





CRAC – We are crackers. Virtuosos. Experts in our respective fields. These words mean a lot to us.


We are very proud of these new vision, mission and values that inspire and challenge us! They give meaning to everyone’s participation and to our activity in general.

They remind us of our core beliefs and help guide our decisions as we move forward. We are proud of the way we have co-created them. We invite you to join us in co-creating a more sustainable future.

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