Realzyme’s innovative line of enzymatic detergents and technology can help facilities comply with the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service new Salmonella Action Plan (SAP). With our patented Biofilm Detection Kit, patented biofilm treatment solutions, to powerful, yet safe, detergents for everyday usage, meeting these new requirements can be much easier!

As evident from the news recently, the number of incidents of salmonella contaminations has seen dramatic increases in recent years. The CDC lists Salmonella as the number one cause of illnesses and death from food-borne causes. Previous regulations only focused on the whole chicken but now the standard includes the chicken parts, which will impact processing plants much more.

In a recent application with a customer, the effectiveness of these products was proven. This facility suspected surface contamination problems (related to biofilms) that remained after cleaning and disinfection using classic chemicals. Following a curative treatment (a multi-step process involving Realzyme’s enzymatic detergent cleaning steps followed by an EPA-registered disinfectant/sanitizer) using Realzyme’s BIOREM product, a complete removal of contamination levels was observed:

biofilm presence before after enzyme

The customer was very satisfied with the results and no longer fears that they are continually operating at the edge of safe levels. They said, “The enzymatic solution allowed us to restore the bacterial levels on our surfaces to a normal, acceptable range. Combined with a disinfectant, BIOREM solved the biofilm issues from the various surfaces and helped to prevent repeat contamination in the weeks that followed as we’d experience in the past.”

In another case, a processor routinely experienced contaminations that prevented it from meeting the reported shelf life of their finished products. Realzyme’s Biofilm Detection Kit located multiple contaminated areas, due to biofilm, located in the critical evisceration zone, that was previously unidentified.

poultry meat processing hook biofilm enzyme

(Plucking hook before (showing staining, indication biofilm presence) and after enzymatic cleaning) 

After a curative treatment phase, and seeing the excellent results that were obtained, the customer chose Realzyme’s enzymatic cleaning products. These two actions – the identification of problem areas and enzymatic cleaning – they have been able to normalize the bacteriological conformity and return to expected hygiene standards.

poultry meat processing hook biofilm enzyme

(Shower tray before (showing staining, indication biofilm presence) and after enzymatic cleaning) 

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