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High energy and water consumption costs? High cleaning time vs. low production time? Discover our Optimisation Programme here.

The Performance Optimisation Programme (POP) for membrane filtration is a unique and patented procedure for assessing organic, inorganic or biofilm fouling to increase the performance of membrane filters.

This is a completely new approach that Realzyme/Realco offers to the market. This method has been patented, tested and approved by leading dairy and other industries. This unique technology offers the following advantages:

  • reduce cleaning time
  • increase production time
  • reduce energy and water consumption costs
  • significantly increase the productivity rate
  • extend the life of the membranes
  • while using ecological and non-aggressive products

Fouling, a major problem for performance

Membrane fouling is one of the most critical problems in all membrane separation processes and affects performance. It is the result of the accumulation of substances (organic, inorganic or a combination of both) on the surface of the membrane and/or inside the membrane pores, which leads to membrane deterioration.

A strategy to control fouling

Realzyme/Realco is able to determine the type of fouling and then recommend the most appropriate cleaning product to use through its “Performance Optimization Program (POP)”.

A perfectly cleaned membrane will take longer to seal.

  1. Reduction of cleaning time: Our team of experts determines the optimal rinsing time to avoid wasting water by reducing the cleaning frequency, the number of cleaning steps and the rinsing time
  2. Identification of fouling: The team then audits the membrane using the Fouling Analysis Kit, a method that provides a precise diagnosis of the nature of the fouling: organic, inorganic or linked to bacterial contamination, biofilm.
  3. Recommendation of a suitable cleaning protocol: the team draws up a precise report on the cleaning protocol to be applied and the products to be used.

Once the new cleaning programme is implemented, the manufacturer can expect to recover the original productivity flow and increase productivity by 30%.

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