Two years to the day after the fire that ravaged its production and storage centre, Realzyme/Realco is laying the foundation stone for its new factory. Increased production capacity and state-of-the-art equipment: Realzyme/Realco will be ready to produce on its site from 2023.

On Monday 10 January 2022, Realzyme/Realco, the Walloon biotech company specialising in hygiene solutions based on green chemistry, will start rebuilding its factory, which was devastated by an accidental fire exactly two years ago. Efficient, flexible and environmentally friendly, the new plant will offer higher production capacity, improved efficiency and quality, enabling Realzyme/Realco to provide an even better service to its customers while significantly reducing its environmental impact.

The reason for starting work two years after the fire is that we had the ambition to rebuild in a sustainable and visionary way

Philippe Demyttenaere, production director Realzyme/Realco.

The production capacity of the future building will be around 10 million litres per year with the potential for two new production lines in the future, leaving space for promising innovation projects. In addition, the network of subcontractors set up following the fire provides Realzyme/Realco with additional capacity and flexibility to optimise its production costs. The management of incoming and outgoing flows has also been reformed in order to increase efficiency and strengthen security.

More generally, the reconstruction plan aims to support Realzyme/Realco in its ambitious CSR (corporate social responsibility) objectives. The reinforced insulation will enable heating consumption to be divided by three or four. The roof of the building will be equipped with photovoltaic panels that will produce electricity for the offices and the factory. The cleaning and sanitary water will be heated by solar panels. Several ponds will also be provided to collect and treat rainwater (up to 250m3) and use it not only for cleaning the factory, but also as raw material for production.

This rebuilding would not have been possible without the enormous support of our customers who remained loyal and our partners who continued to trust us. We are looking forward to thanking all of them when the new plant is inaugurated in 2023.

George Blackman, CEO Realzyme/Realco

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